North Carolina Mountain Biking

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The weather is quickly turning warm and wildflowers are sprouting along all of the North Carolina Mountain highways and byways. This is a great time to get out and enjoy a slower paced ride in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Whether you are a budding Lance Armstrong, novice bike racer or you simply are looking for a bit of exercise and a lot of enjoyment – biking in the North Carolina mountains will provide a ton of enjoyment. Spring, Summer and Fall offer a variety of enjoyable tours.

The beautiful scenery is a powerful lure to folks as is the cool temperatures which make some of the more difficult rides a bit easier to handle.

Regardless of your skill level or preferred style of biking, you can easily find a perfect spot to practice it. One of the great benefits of cycling in the High Country is that area residents take unusual heed of riders due to the fact that they accustomed to sharing the road with them.

Blood, Sweat and Gears is a grueling event which attracts some of the best cyclists in the nation. This 100 mile ride over some of the toughest terrain in cycledome is an incredible test for even the most experienced bikers.

The Blue Ridge Brutal 100 is yet another tough event which tests its riders on the world famous Blue Ridge Parkway and beautiful Ashe County .

One of the most popular biking destinations is the Railroad Grade Road found near Todd, NC . A fantastic choice for families, the Railroad Grade Road is, without a doubt, the flattest road in the High Country and follows along the scenic New River . Dotted with several parks, riders can fish, picnic and relax. Whether you are sightseeing cyclist, a mountain biker or a ‘wannabe’ Lance Armstrong, this a fantastic place to ride.

Speaking of Lance Armstrong, if you are an incredibly well conditioned rider, you can test yourself on the climb which Armstrong himself credits for helping him rediscover his passion for the sport after his fight with cancer. This grueling trek begins at the foot of the mountain in Banner Elk and follows the

Beech Mountain Parkway all the way into Beech Mountain . Some of us get tired just driving the Beech Mountain Parkway!

Another great ride is just across the North Carolina / Virginia line into Damascus, Virginia. Riding the Virginia Creeper Trail is great for numerous reasons.  First, it’s easy! You actually start at the top of a mountain and ride a gradual decline to the bottom into scenic, Damascus.  Most people carry two vehicles.  One is left at the bottom in Damascus and the other transport riders to the top.  The trail is easy to navigate since gravity does most of the work for you and there’s roaring streams along the way and wonderful little stops along the way. Once you are done, there are some great little shops and restaurants to enjoy. This is a must see for all members of the family.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a great road for cyclists not only because of its breathtaking scenery but for the challenging terrain it offers. There are many great spots to give your legs and lungs a rest and picnic or simply relax before continuing your ride.

 Off road enthusiasts will find some of the best terrain anywhere on Beech Mountain . Two downhill trails offer a tremendous ride down the White Lighting ski run. Be prepared for high speeds, tight turns, sudden drops and a lot of fun.

Mountain bikers will also love the trails on Sugar Mountain with its challenging runs and beautiful scenery. Trail maps can be found at the mountains or, you can pick a trail and discover your own routes.

No matter what style of biking you prefer and no matter what your skill level, the High Country area of North Carolina is a biker’s paradise. It’s a great place to test your skills and there are hundreds of places to ride. Remember to always wear a helmet and ride safely. It is illegal to ride without helmets in local municipalties so, don’t risk injury or a fine. Wear your helmet!