High Country Zipline Trips

North Carolina was one of the first states in the to offer thrilling Zipline Tours.  What is commonly referred to as Canopy Tours, ziplining offers riders the ability to explore parts of protected forests and private lands that they ordinarily would never get to see.  Branded as a new fun activity and form of eco-tourism, ziplining is a low impact, exciting adventure activity that lots of families and groups with kids love to try out during their NC Mountain Vacations. Riders fly over hundreds of acres of private lands through zips, bridges, rappels and ropes areas. Imagine being hundreds of feet in the air as you fly through the courses!  That’s exactly what you can do at the various places to Zipline in NC.

There are several great spots to Zipline North Carolina in the High Country’s Blue Ridge Mountains .  Hawksnest Zipline is the longest zipline course on the east coast with over 1.5 miles of cable! The Zipline NC trip and tour that Hawksnest Zipline offers takes you over some of the best views of the surrounding valleys.  Check the Hawksnest Zipline rates and you’ll find that they are also the most affordable too.

In addition to the Hawksnest Zipline, there are other great spots to enjoy canopy tours in the High Country; some are easier to access than others.  We recommend this activity for any family with older children or any group that wants a fun team building experience.  Ziplining is definitely a must try! If you are looking for fun Things to Do in Boone NC, find out more on this site.