Gem Mining

Gem Mining in the High Country

Written by mike

A popular activity in the High Country is gem mining. Lots of families get together and take a trip to the local gem mine attractions and spend the day mining for aquamarine, rubies, emeralds, and garnet. In fact, you can find about 60 different rock types at many of the gem mines. At many of these attractions you are guaranteed to find a gem each time you go to the mines. At several of the mines you can also purchase rare gems and stones that have been set already.

The type of mining that most of the attractions use is flume mining, where you purchase a bucket (there are many different sizes and prices) and use running water to clear out the stones and gems and find beautiful pieces. Several of these attractions also provide stone cutting services and will also help you to pick out settings and make your own jewelry from the beautiful pieces that you found.

Spruce Pine hosts the North Carolina Mineral and Gem Festival, which is a lot of fun for everyone. You can learn more about gems and the long history of gem mining in the area at many of the local gem mine attractions. Plan your gem mining excursion today.

The High Country area of North Carolina offers an abundance of gem mining attractions. These listed below are the ones that we recommend highly: