Common Sense Prevails as Court Rules in Favor of Town of Blowing Rock

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Blowing Rock  civil suit is over; jury finds town free of negligence – By Melanie Davis of the Watauga Democrat

The civil trial against the town of Blowing Rock is over after two weeks of evidence presentation. The lawsuit was filed by Robert Cobb, father of a 12-year-old girl who fell at Glen Burney Falls in August 2004.

The girl was hiking on the Glen Burney Trail, located off Annie Cannon Memorial Park, with an 11-year-old friend when the accident occurred. Cobb’s daughter slipped on the rocks, falling an estimated 30 feet onto the rocks at the bottom of the Glen Burney Falls. She suffered severe back, hip and leg injuries in the accident.

Cobb was seeking reimbursement and future coverage of medical expenses, which total hundreds of thousands of dollars, although a specific figure has not been provided. The basis for the argument was a lack of barriers and warning signage at the waterfall.

On Friday, the jury declared Blowing Rock free of any negligence contributing to the juvenile’s injuries. The judge’s specific orders regarding the case had not been filed in the clerk’s office as of Tuesday.

The finding of lack of negligence releases the town from monetary liability for the medical expenses.

The town of Blowing Rock was represented by the law firm Clawson and Staubes of Charlotte.

The Cobb family was represented by Brown, Moore and Associates of Charlotte.

Superior Court Judge Andy Chromer of Stokes County presided over the case.